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Our strategy and creativity were similarly focused on authenticity: from the bold typography, captivating lifestyle photography all the way to the strategy focusing on human elements that offer context to the function and results of the products. After defining the new MusclePharm brand voice and visual direction, we moved into the content creation stage; here, we developed a brand library of lifestyle photography across a wide range of product categories, updated the packaging and created visually appealing renders, print collateral, and digital design assets. This was the same process used during the development of the numerous brand extensions the Musclpharm Brand houses.




    Packaging, Creative Strategy and Direction, Messaging, Large Format Printing, Collateral, Content Development, Photography (video shot by Blurred Pictures)


The Technical Integration

We focused the efforts towards establishing a flexible messaging system that aligns with the visual system, further communicating the brand’s and its line extensions’ new personality. In doing so we concentrated on the best design elements of each product, showcasing with precision the way in which they create a better user experience and visibility of each product and product line. The end results help the consumer base know what product they need and then educates them in better explaining it to others, in turn, this can generate new consumers by educated word of mouth.

Creative Output

With an established strategy comes the creative storytelling of each brand under the Musclepahrm umbrella. Uniquely hitting, bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, your weekend warriors or your highly educated health nuts. With lines specifically developed for women, men, athletes or your organic naturalists. The creative output needed is vast. We wanted the name to be a household name but with a product that can benefit anyone’s daily habits. This lead us to create a synonymous creative output for each product. You can look at each product even though it’s in another product line up but still know from the visual hierarchy its a Musclepharm product.


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